Inglourious Basterds Review

A band of Jewish American boys setting out to kill Adolf Hitler in the climax of WWII makes for a damn good story–especially when you’re Quentin Tarantino, a master weaver of revenge-lore. When details of the Basterd’s script trickled to media masses, a mixed bag of reactions were met. Some doubted Tarantino’s ability to tackle […]

True Romance Fun Facts

Genesis: True Romance began as a 50 page script by Roger Avary. It was originally called Open Road. He had trouble finishing it and asked his Video Archives Clerk, Quentin Tarantino, to take a look. After several weeks, Quentin handed him 500 pages of a script that would become True Romance. Avary later described Tarantino’s […]

Filmme Fatale: Angela Meryl

FILMME FATALE EXCLUSIVE: ANGELA MERYL She has crashed and flipped over ambulance trucks, smashed through glass tables, tumbled down flights of stairs, hung from helicopters and jumped from buildings. She is beautiful, extremely talented, and she’s worked very hard to become a celebrated and respected stuntwoman over the span of her twenty-four-year-old career.  You have […]

True Romance Review

True Romance Written by Quentin Tarantino. Directed by Tony Scott. Open Shop: Romance. We’ve all been bitten at least once. We’ve all felt the desire for idyllic love and craved the experience we’ve seen in a movie. Somewhere on a screen in your life, you’ve seen the “perfect” woman with a close-to-flawless history, who was […]

Five & Dime Review: LOVE AND MONSTERS

Love and Monsters (2020) Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Michael Rooker, Jessica Henwick, Ariana Greenblatt Dir: Michael Matthews Distributor: Paramount Pictures Running Time: 109 minutes SYNOPSIS Dylan O’Brien stars in this thrilling adventure delivering epic action and laughs. After monsters take over the world, Joel (O’Brien, The Maze Runner) and the rest of humanity are forced to […]

Knives Out Review

Synopsis: The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey are mysterious, but there’s one thing that renowned Detective Benoit Blanc knows for sure — everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect. Now, Blanc must sift through a web of lies and red herrings to uncover the truth. Nothing brings a […]

For The Love of Rebecca: Revisiting Manderley

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. It seemed to me I stood by the iron gate leading to the drive, and for a while I could not enter, for the way was barred to me. There was a padlock and a chain upon the gate. I called in my dream to the […]


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